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At the early age of fifteen, I began crafting and meeting the design needs of my friends and family. Growing up with such a large circle, there was always an event or special occasion that required the perfect gift. I quickly realized that finding a special item was not always easy in your local store. So, combining my passion for art and seeing others smile, I began my journey of professional design.


Through my years of experience, I gained the expertise to identify my client’s vision and turning their dreams into reality.


"Connecting with people and understanding their vision is a gift."

Totally Designed x Chizzy specializes in custom crafting and designs, if you can dream it, I can make it a reality. I have experience with apparel design, event planning, birthday party favors, wedding gifts, décor, girls' trip tumblers and so much more. Using high-quality screen printing and vinyl on all orders, each item will have a flawless, fabulous, and unique look. Click the "Shop" button for a full list of customizable items.

                                                                     - Chizobam Eze

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